Welcome to the Shed

1st September 2008:

Welcome to the new In the Shed Copywriting website.  Please feel free to have a look around and get in touch – all comments welcome.


In the Shed is a small business (so small that there’s just me) working with other small businesses, consultants and freelancers.  Many of my clients are in SW London/NE Surrey, close to my base Walton on Thames, but I do have clients as far afield as the Scottish Borders.


Virtual copywriting rules!


The aim of In the Shed Copywriting – or ‘the Shed’ as it’s known to its friends – is to provide an “all-round” copywriting service.  ”All-round” as in not only writing but also providing assistance and advice, from fleshing out a simple idea to helping with the admin/secretarial work associated with any project or marketing campaign.  For example, if you need a press release announcing your office move, I can research and compile a distribution list, write the release(s), organise photos, distribute the release, and set up your media database and procedures for use in the future.


I can, of course, carry out all or part of the process depending on your requirements and your budget.  This is something we agree at the start project before I start work.

If you have an idea you would like to discuss, please give me call or contact me via the website.


Talking of the wesbite, the reason it’s here at all is thanks to Simon and Darren of Gideon Squared Solutions Ltd (see the “Site By” link at the bottom on the page) with their expertise in designing, setting up, organising, troubleshooting and patiently answering my many questions.  Nothing is too much trouble for these guys and, unlike some IT specialists I know, they speak the same language as the rest of us.  Check out their website and you’ll see what I mean.


Also, thanks to White Room Creations for interpreting my scribbles and coming up with my lovely logo.  I wanted a shed with tufts of grass at the bottom but on my original sketchy drawing, these tufts were more like prize-winning leeks.  Thankfully, White Room Creations made sense of it all.  They are based in my home town of North Shields, nearly 400 miles from where I now live – so virtual designing also rules!


Thanks also to friends and family for their comments on the site and help with ideas for name of the business and the logo.


A team effort from the word ‘go’!


Christine … from the Shed

Monday 1st September 2008


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