Geordies stick together!

15th September 2008:

As a Geordie in exile (or in Surrey anyway), a word or two about Newcastle United: wow!


I’m not a football fan, preferring to watch the gee-gees (and wasn’t the St Ledger fantastic?) but I know the passion felt for the Magpies.


In the 1990s I moved back to Newcastle after several years living in London and Aberdeen. The team was doing really well and I couldn’t believe the atmosphere in the City Centre. Everyone was supercharged, the place was buzzing. I’d heard people say that when a football team is doing well the whole town is “up” but I thought they were talking rubbish. Not anymore. It was amazing.


And over the years I’ve met dedicated fans travelling by train and plane back to Newcastle, season ticket in hand, swathed in black and white. There was even a radio programme about those exiled members of the Toon Army who race back to their homeland every other week to cheer on their beloved team.


So that, Mike Ashley, is what you’re up against. You can’t ride roughshod over your Manager and the fans. What Newcastle needs now is a dedicated, sympathetic manager who will spend time getting to know the club, the team and the fans; someone who can listen to opinions and advice – and make his (or her) own decisions based on what’s best for all. Hmmm, any suggestions?


Well, that’s the most I’ve talked about football since …… that’s the most I’ve talked about football.


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