e-Book Review: “What Can I Wear?” by Lilian Waud

19th November 2008:

This books’ first words, “Your wardrobe should be a box of delights” say it all. Our wardrobes should be a box of delights, filled with clothes that suit our colouring and our body shapes. And this book shows you how you can achieve this, sensibly and painlessly.


The title, too, gives it away: “What Can I Wear?” Not, “Don’t Wear That!”; not overbearing advice on what you must do but simple ideas and well-written, clear explanations that make you think “oh, I see how that works.”


“What Can I Wear?” has been written specifically as an e-book so it’s easy to read on screen, clean and crisp with plenty of white space. Dawn Critchley’s illustrations deserve a special mention: beautiful, witty and very feminine.


Starting with basic advice on skin care (and why it’s important) the first chapter covers how not to look your age, why sleep and water are vital to looking radiant, and how to match products and skin type. The tricky subject of make up – what’s available, what does what and how to apply it – is tackled in plain English, which must be a first.


The chapter on colour is not only easy to read and to follow but is full of tips on how to find your skin tone, examples of colours to wear and which celebrities share your colouring. Great for those of us who take inspiration from who’s wearing what!


If, like me, you need constant reminding of the colours that suit you, there are a series of colour charts at the end of the book to cut out and keep – and take shopping.


And once you’ve followed the advice on how discover your body shape and the styles that suit, you’ll be straining at the leash to head into town and get to the shops.


But before you go, remember to do the “wardrobe audit” so you know what you’re looking for and don’t waste money on stuff you don’t need. Don’t worry, the book talks you through the audit, step by step. You’ll find new combinations for that skirt/jumper/pair of jeans that you thought would only go with that shirt/cardigan/suit.


Oh, and don’t forget the accessories. We all know they can make or break an outfit so it’s worth spending some time thinking (and reading) about them.


The final chapter of the book, “Let’s Go Shopping” (yes, let’s go) talks about impulse buying, shopping tips, sales and cost per wear. “A bargain is not a bargain if you hardly ever wear the item.” How true. Write this on a piece of paper and keep it in your purse. Better still, have it tattooed on your forearm.


Fancy going to the hairdressers whilst you’re in town? Check the chapter on hairstyles to make sure your cut will fit your face shape, flattering your features.


Armed with all this info and your colour chart, you’re ready to spend an enjoyable few hours checking out the high street.


Lillian Waud’s ebook “What Can I Wear?” can be found here



Christine .. from the Shed

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