Quaking in my trainers!

1st December 2008:

Like most people,  I support a few charities, some local, some national.  I support the wonderful Breast Cancer Research charity by purchasing Pink & Black Notebooks, pens, staplers, etc (there is a whole range) but I recently took things a step further.  Literally.


In May next year, I will be attempting the London Moonwalk Marathon. The full Moon Walk, that is, all 26 miles of it, through Central London, at night, in my bra.


I have never, ever, attempted anything like this before (apart from a sponsored silence when I was 11, which now that I come to think of it, bears no similarities at all).


If anyone has any advice, training and motivation tips, and ideas on how to get through the 26 miles with as few blisters as possible, please let me know!


Christine … from the Shed

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