Books, books and more books …

30th December 2008:

If you have had a chance to look at my new secretarial website ( you’ll know that I ‘fessed up to my addiction – to books.   Business books.


This addiction started in 1999 when I was living in Glasgow, temping with several recruitment agencies.


I was drifting and needed inspiration ….


One lunchtime, I popped into a bookshop and found all the inspiration and motivation I could want.


In the middle of the bookshelf, there it was:  ”How to Be a Freelance Secretary”.


Published in 1994, this little red book (‘How to’ books were red in those days) talked me through setting up as a freelance, step by (relatively painless) step.   I think having worked as a temp for so long (about three years) helped make me make the transition to self-employment.


Other books that helped me were “Teach Yourself Freelancing” and “Successful Freelancing In a Week”  - both well-written, amusing and full of tips and info.


In this blog (sorry, Diary Room) I hope to indulge in my addiction by writing short reviews on a range of business books.


I will, of course, be including the two books mentioned above.


Happy 2009!



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