The Power of the Press

1st September 2009:

Extract of an article published on the Million Impossible website in August 2009:




The power of the press has long been understood by big businesses, celebrity footballers and ex-Big Brother Housemates.  But just how do they do it?  How do they manage to stay front page news, racking up column inches, day after day?  And how can the rest of us do the same?


Companies such as British Airways, Microsoft and Newcastle United can turn to their mighty PR machines, ever ready to leap into action and scatter press releases like confetti ensuring the best possible media coverage for the latest service, new product or star signing.


But you don’t have to move in such illustrious circles to take advantage of this power.  Nor do you have to rely on big PR agencies.


Contrary to popular belief, DIY PR is relatively easy and straightforward – after all, who knows your business better than you?  And what is the most cost-effective weapon in your publicity armoury?  The humble press release.


No-Fear Press Releases


Press releases can be written for anything and everything: new product, record profits, sponsorship deal – anything that influences your business, interests your customers (existing and potential) and your competitors.


Press releases follow a simple set format (one well known to journalists) termed the ‘pyramid’.  That is, writing a story so the news – the point – is at the top with the subsequent paragraphs going on to develop the story, one point per paragraph, in order of importance.  Editors trim stories to size by cutting from the bottom up and the pyramid approach means nothing important is lost in the process.


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