Who Ya Gonna Call?

9th October 2009:

Extract from an article on ghostwriting:

Who Ya Gonna Call?  A Beginner’s Guide to Ghosts


When you hear the word “ghostwriting”, what’s the first thing that springs to mind?  Celebrity life stories, detox diet and fitness books?  Yes, me, too.


But there’s more to it than writing “autobiographies” for the latest 19 year-old reality TV star.   Ghostwriters can help to make life easier for rest of us, mere mortals that we are, living down here in the real world.


Take a minute to think of all the writing you do in a day, a week or a month?  Letters, reports, quotes … but what else?  Do you contribute to your company newsletter?  Do you write a blog, articles, a Q&A column for a business magazine or website?


Each of these represents a chance to get your brand name out there, to reach existing and potential clients – so you need to make the most of every opportunity and produce your best piece of writing every time.


But whether you’re a famous television presenter or the MD of a small business, it can be hard to find (and justify) the time and resources to do this.


This is where a ghostwriter comes in.


Outsourcing to a ghostwriter does two things: one, it makes sure that every article or blog has the right angle, is aimed at the right audience and acts as the perfect advert for your business; and, two, it frees up your time.


Ghostwriters do just what the name implies: they write as if they were you.   They take time to understand how you write, how you empathise, sympathise and work with people.   They will listen to your stories and anecdotes and ask questions.  Their job is to become you.   In a non-identity-theft kinda way.


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