Book Review: “Writing Reviews” – Carole Baldock

2nd January 2010:

Reviewing a book about reviewing isn’t easy. You find yourself continually checking what you’re writing and how you’re writing it. So let’s see if we can get through this ….


This is a little gem of a book. Published in 1996 (before the rise of the internet, mobile phones, the Labour Government) it is even more relevant today, considering the massive increase in reviewing websites and e-magazines.


“Writing Reviews” looks at all forms of reviewing : music, theatre, books, art, computer games, and even the village fete. It starts off by examining what reviewing actually is, how to gain experience and make contacts, organising your work and networking in your chosen field. For those pursuing writing as a career rather than a hobby, there is also help with putting together your CV, promoting yourself and working within the media.


As with all How to Books, “Writing Review” provides a good overview but is light on information. It does, however, give a full list of recommended books and magazines to help fill the gaps and take your reviewing/writing on to the next level. It also (obviously) sticks to the “How to” format which can irritate (the examples, for example). But Ms Baldock’s writing has overcome this. It’s a shame the book isn’t twice as long.


The book is very readable, interesting, choc full of ideas to get you on the right track for a career in reviewing. But make sure you work your way through the Further Reading section first.

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