‘New In the Shed Secretarial’ website

29th July 2011:

In the Shed Secretarial – my “other” business (virtual secretarial support) – is now 11 years old (it’ll be a teenager soon, oh my).


To mark the occasion, it has been given a new website:  www.intheshedsecretarial.co.uk


As In the Shed Secretarial, I specialise in working with Solicitors (Matrimonial, Family Law, Litigation), Accountants and property professionals such as Architects and Surveyors.


Apart from being a copywriter, I am also a qualified Legal Secretary, with extensive experience in Matrimonial Law, but also across all other areas of the legal profession.


In addition, I am a Medical Transcriptionist with relevant experience in all aspects of Mental Health, including Child, Adolescent, Adult and Elderly.



Please do take a look at my Secretarial website.  And do get in touch if you need Virtual Secretary!



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