Great North Ran!

15th October 2011:

Nearly a month after the Great North Run, I have finally found time to report on it.


As always, it was a fabulous day.   In the countdown to the starting gun, the Red Arrows flew over (with the smoke and everything!).   And there was an announcement that they would do their usual display in their “missing man” formation.

It took me the usual 36 mins to get over the start line …



Me waiting patiently to cross the start line



I'm in there somewhere ...

Around 10 mins later, I hurt my leg.  I was trying to get out of the way of an ambulance at the time.


I carried on running until it started raining at mile 5/6.  And did it rain!  My feet were soaking and by mile 8, the blisters were developing.  I really felt like giving up but stopped to get some treatment to my leg instead.   Then at mile 10.5, the blisters got the better of my and I had to get them dressed.


After that, I was fine.  I  walked (okay, hobbled) the rest of the way and really thought I was near the back of the field (I wasn’t) so just had to keep going.


Once you get to the last mile, you have the fresh sea air, the crowds going cheering but … oh it takes a long time to do that last mile (it doesn’t, really, it just seems that way).

Then it’s the finish line!


Winners t-shirts, medals, more water to drink (I was sick of water) and off to find the car.  Which, thanks to booking into the Members Car Park, was a short walk up the road – and then straight home!  Lovely.

Can’t wait til next year!

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