Saturday Picture Post, one day in 1948

4th March 2012:

In the summer of 1948, a photographer from “The Illustrated” (a Saturday newspaper) was taking photos on Tynemouth beach.   He came across my Mam and her older sister, my Aunty Peggy, throwing the ball for Sandy the dog.


He asked if he could take some photos of them – prompting my Gran and my other two Aunties to come hurrying over saying, “What does he want?  What’s he saying?  What’s he doing?  Who is he?” – and these are the result.



This photo appeared in the paper under the title, “Dog jumps as children play”.   Children!   Both my Mam and Aunty Peggy was in their mid-twenties, both were married – and my Aunty Peggy was expecting my cousin, Susan.


Here are two more photos of my Mam, taken at the same time.



We have had these three photos restored and put on canvases.   My Mam now has these on her wall – they’ve certainly become a conversation piece!

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