More Strings to my Bow

20th January 2016:


Although I love being self-employed (and would no longer know what to do in proper job) standing still isn’t an option.  There is a need to keep moving, keep learning and keep adding more strings to my bow. 


So recently I decided to re-visit an idea I had way back in 1998 (when self-employment wasn’t even a tiny speck on the horizon).  I signed up for a proofreading course. 


I did quite a lot of research beforehand, deciding which course to do.  It needed to be a course recognised by the industry and with marked assignments - vital for me.  


The Distance Learning course from the Publishing Training Centre fitted the bill perfectly.


Well, I’ve had my first assignment marked and hope to be sending the second one to my tutor next week.  There’s a feeling that I’m getting through it and making progress.


But the thing that has taken me completely by surprise is how much I’m enjoying it!  Completely absorbing and fascinating.  I start on an exercise, focus on the few sheets of paper in front of me, and - whoosh - the time just disappears.  


Anyone who thinks proofreading can’t possibly be fun has never spent time learning all the symbols, the conventions and - for me, anyway - applying their brain in a completely different way.


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