Blogging #2: “But I don’t have the time!”

4th July 2016:

Now that you have the raw material for your blog, will you find the time to write it?


The good news is that these are blog posts you're writing - not a guide to the works of Thomas Hardy.


However, you may have to do a similar amount of research. Well, slightly less, depending on the level of detail you want in your blog and your own knowledge on the subject. You might want to do some research for your own benefit or to flesh out a particular subject for a series of blogs on one topic.


Blogs can be 200 or 2,000 words long. It’s up to you but will partly depend on what you’re writing about (and who you’re writing for). Personally, I’m not a great fan of long blogs but there are certainly occasions when a longer blog post is perfect. And it can be good to have a variety.


Pick a subject you know well and can talk about knowledgably for a couple of minutes. Say you want your average blog post to be 250 - 300 words long. That doesn't sound too onerous, does it?

Here's a brilliant tip from one of my clients: imagine you're talking to a potential new client about a certain aspect of your business, and just write down what you'd say. You may have enough material for two or three blogs. You'll have certainly generated more than a few ideas.


Yes, there are such things as keywords to consider but you'll probably find you've mentioned most of these in the text. There'll be plenty of time to look at Search Engine Optimisation once your blog is up and running.


You can make good use of any spare time you have by writing a few words, say, on your commute, or just taking five minutes to scribble some notes when inspiration strikes. Or you can write a whole bundle of blogs together so you have several ready to post when you’re busy.


It can help to set a blogging schedule – every other day, every week or every fortnight, whatever suits you – but don’t get hung up on it. Writing a blog should be fun, not just one more thing to add to your ‘To Do’ list.



If you feel you’re too busy, if you feel writing isn’t your thing, or that your time would be better spent attending to other matters, then ask someone else to do it. There may be a talented writer already in your office.


Alternatively, if you need to outsource the research and writing of your blog, please feel free to call for a chat. Email me at or ring me on 07791 765 734.


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