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This piece appeared on the DeskDemon website and in their 'PA Enterprise' magazine (July 2013)


Favourite “Technology” Tip


One of my favourite tips – and one that I gleefully pass on to my clients – is to use a mobile as a digital dictaphone.


As a VA, I’ve noticed some potential clients can be … shall we say, ‘a little resistant’ … to working virtually. The phrase I hear most often is: “Oh, I don’t have a digital dictating machine and they’re too expensive so it’s no use me working virtually.”


I ask if they have a mobile - and it usually turns out to be one with all the gizmos and bangs and whistles. I ask if it has Voice Notes … and suddenly the penny drops!  “So, just give me an idea of what I would need to do … ?”


It may take some thought to figure out the easiest way for your client to record and email the audio file to you (or upload to a Cloud account such as Hotmail’s Skydrive). And it may also take time for you to find the right program to use to transcribe the file.


I use the WAVpedal for audio transcription and although this will play most files, some may need to be converted to play via this program. If you’re having real problems with an audio file, play it on Real Player, convert it to iTunes, then try the WAVpedal.  Sounds like a ‘long way for a shortcut’ but it works.


You may also find that, depending on the program, you need to use the ‘F’ keys to play/stop/pause/etc. This can be very tricky at first – especially if, like me, you’ve spent the best part of 30 years working with the pedals.  Imagine spending years learning to pat your head and rub your tummy – and suddenly having to do it the other way around: rubbing your head and patting your tummy.


But you get the hang of it … after the first few thousand words …




Many thanks to the Editor of PA Enterprise and DeskDemon website.


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